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From the outstanding 6 leading edge

    Over 10 years of experiences in the LED industry!
    ● Since its founding in 2009, the design and production team has been fully established.
    ● The users tell us the demand, we work out solutions to meet the requirements quickly.
    ● We know that suitable products are better than the best ones!

    ● We resolve problems before mass production!
    Innovation is the value of our company
    ● We make new designs of LED lights for different uses.
    ● We put new technology in LED lights to achive new functions.
    ● We turn the customers‘ ideas into products.

    ● We keep trying to make the products better and better.
    Quick sample and quick delivery
    ● We can ship samples in 10--15 days for new projects.
    ● There are stocks for good-selling products so that we can ship orders in a week.
    ● For normal size of orders, we can usually ship in 15--20 days.
    Good Quality
    Quality is the life of our company.
    ● We have 3-4 strict checks during the production process.
    ● We purchase good quality raw materials.
    ● We use reasonable production procedures to ensure a high first-pass yield of products.
    We are honest and we do business only with those who are honest!
    ● We gained trust from customers all over the world in the past 10 more years.
    ● We always do well as we promised.
    ● We hope to work with our customers in a long term.
    Nice service
    We are ready to solve all your problems!
    ● Talk with us, you would be happy that we do help!
    ● We are available 7*24 hours if you encounter any problems.
    ● Good business and good service is here waiting for you!
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    Good Quality
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    Nice service

About Us

Founded in 2009, JEJA International is an Up lighting and wall lighting factory and also an LED products designer and manufacturer and has been dedicated to bringing innovative and unique LED products to the marketplace.  Our products are widely used, or sold, by event planners, promotional companies, rental stores, and premier party, craft, and gift retailers.
Our incredible selection of LED lights will add the final touch to any occasion.  With our LED lights you can take your event décor to the next level.  From weddings to corporate events, we have everything you need to make your night truly spectacular.  Our most popular items, can make any outdoor event a truly whimsical experience for all.
With a wide variety of different LED party lights to choose from, you can create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere at every party and event you organize. From rainbow orbs, accent lights, LED lights for room to LED night lights, table lamps, LED novelty lights, we truly have it all. Our products can help you stand out from other event planning services and help you give your customers or families the unique experience they crave.  Our unique LED lighting and event décor will be the life of every party.
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