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The most popular diy hexagonal party lights now is available!

Time:2019-11-01 Views:33
After several months hard work, we finally launched our new LED party lights: honeycomb hexagoanl light. 
wedding lights with touch sensor

You can use remote controller to control all the lights at the same time. Such as to turn them on, turn them off, set a certain solid color, set a dynamic mode, adjust the brightness and set a time to turn them off automatically.
All the lights will act as your finger pressing on the controller!

remote controlled hexagonal lgihts

You can also change colors individually by touching the center of each light. Then you can have a red amongest greens for example.
honeycomb party lights

The size of the light is 10.3*9CM, the thickness is 3 CM.

There are 6 USB ports in the lights. We can input the power through any of them, and we can also output power through any of them.
This is how you connect every light together.
USB ports to connect

In the mean time, the rest USB ports can supply power to other electronic devices with 5V electricity.

This led light is commonly used as party lights, wedding lights, uplighting, wall lighting, house decoration, art design, etc.

You will get 1 set (6 hexagonal lgihts) free if you write to me with 10 interesting designs of putting the hexagonl lights together.